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James Chadwick is a licensed independent clinical social worker through the state of Minnesota and holds a master’s degree from Augsburg University. In 2017 James began a private practice specializing in chemical, mental, and sexual health. Prior to entering private practice James worked as a group therapist at Lighthouse Psychological Services, Inc. and a mental health case manager at Minnesota Mental Health Clinics specializing in clients with depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and borderline personality disorder. James has worked closely with the LGBTQ community as both a practitioner and an advocate and is an adjunct faculty member of Augsburg University's Social Work department.    

3/19 NBR Radio Interview: http://nbrfm.com/radio/show/2019/03/18/james-chadwick/


Financial Policy

The cost per session is $100 for a 16-37 minute session, $150 for a 38-52 minute session, or $200 for a 53-67 minute session; this can be paid through your insurance. If you are under financial restraints and unable to use insurance for payment you can be considered for a sliding scale fee based on your income, 0.1% of your yearly income per session with a minimum fee of $80 per session. I accept most major insurance providers with the exception of Health Partners.   

 Cancel sessions at least 24 hours in advance to avoid $50 cancellation fee.